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      Jilin Jinlun Group is a which is mainly engaged in the R&D and production of railway switch snow melting system, automobile and railway passenger car parts, supplemented by world-renowned products and developing new energy and environmental engineering for automobiles.

      Jinlun Group is located at 2088 Jiayuan Road, High-tech Zone, Changchun, Jilin Province, covering an area of 33700 square meters, with a building area of 18500 square meters of modern scientific research and production base. From Germany, the United States and other countries, Jinlun Group have introduced advanced CNC production equipment, researched and developed new products (more than 20 species) independently, and also won a number of national patents.

      Jinlun Group covers a number of subsidiaries, including: Jilin Jinlun Technology Co., Ltd., Changchun New Jinlun Automobile Parts Co., Ltd., Changchun Jinlun Industrial Co., Ltd., Jilin Jinlun Electric Co., Ltd., Changchun Techenv System Co., Ltd., and Jilin Jinlun New Energy Auto PowerTech  Limited company.

      Jinlun Group has built a solid foundation to provide customers with more qualitified products and better service now by having a strong technical force of professional personnel, good production environment, and advanced technology and equipment.

      Jinlun Group will build itself into a famous enterprise of science and technology with first-class talents, technology, products, management, quality and service. Jinlun Group will not only create wealth for the society, but also expand actively international and domestic business in line with the core concept of "Honesty & Innovation".